Artworks Looted During the Holocaust

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Professor James D. Bindenagel recently contributed a chapter to the new book „Treuhänderische Übernahme und Verwahrung: International und interdisziplinär betrachtet“ from editors Olivia Kaiser, Christina Köstner-Pemsel and Markus Stumpf published by Vienna University Press. The abstract explains:

This contribution addresses decades-long efforts for just and fair solutions toNational Socialist-looted art. Recognizing that civilized society compels the public protection of privately held cultural assets, forty-four countries gathered in Washington in 1998 and agreed to the Washington Principles on Nazi-confiscated art in an organized, albeit nonbinding, global effort designed to bring justice and to be implemented in law based on the merits of claims. Today, Nazi-looted art that has not been returned to its rightful owners constitutes injustice. The return of looted art is about delivering justice and setting a precedent that will help prevent genocide and mass atrocity crimes.

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