The Center for International Security and Governance talks regluar with key security experts and journalist about the pressing challenges and issues in international affairs. Zulifkar Abbany (journalist at the Deutsche Welle) moderates the talks.

CISG-Podcast Episode 04: „Making Sense of Trump’s Trip to Asia“

In our fourth Podcast we talked with Dr. Enrico Fels, Research Fellow at the Center for Global Studies – Bonn University, about Trump’s trip to Asia, North Korea and Europe’s role in the region.

CISG-Podcast Episode 03: „German Federal Election – 2017“

In our third Podcast we talked with Dr. Jackson Janes, President of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies at the John Hopkins University, about the outcome of the German Federal Election and the implications for the transatlantic relations.

CISG-Podcast Episode 02: „The G20 Summit – Analysis and Implication“

In our second Podcast we talked with Dr. Anna Sauerbrey, Opinion Editor at the Tagesspiegel, about the results and consequences of the G20 Summit 2017 in Hamburg.

CISG-Podcast Episode 01: „The End of Multilateralism? – The Future of the Liberal World Order“

In our first Podcast we talked with Prof. James D. Bindenagel (Head of the CISG at the Bonn university) about the „The End of Multilateralism? The Future of the Liberal World Order“.