Legally Illegal Or Illegally Legal? No Law Can Stop You From Betting Online

Betting is not something worth the praise but is it that bad? 

In India, no. It is illegal to bet or gamble at คาสิโนออนไลน์ in most of India, but online gambling has no such rule. 

This pandemic has been a rollercoaster ride. It has shown us the dark and the light. With a situation where everyone was locked at home, online gambling has changed its course. Gambling or betting on sports, casinos, and lotteries all play different roles. 

Some places have legalized betting. บ่อน ออนไลน์ Casinos in Goa are legal to function. Few states support gambling as it leads to corruption, crimes, money laundering, and many more, while others argue that it increases revenue.

There are quite a few games online that only function with the sole purpose of gambling. While many have benefited from it, it also has its disadvantages. The greed and desire to want more and trying your luck once again never ends. As told by much good luck gets you wealth and that luck changes every minute. This cycle continues and therefore, there’s no end to it no matter what the consequences are. 


How does online gambling function?

Online gambling includes players on board from all over the country and then each one plays there turn but only one wins. You either win it all or you lose what you had. Different kinds of bettings have different kinds of money limits. These games function 24/7 and you can enter and leave as per your wish.

Payment Options

To keep this going there are certain ways of Payment Gateways because sometimes depositing of money through master cards and visas may fail. . To avoid these blocks, savvy internet users have started using e-wallets for depositing. These services help users fund an online betting account in Rupees and it is important because it avoids legal issues. The Indian gambling market is estimated to be worth US$60 billion per year (that is INR 4401147000000), half of which is illegal money.


Even though there’s a law that strictly prohibits it. In a country like India, where the richer keep getting rich. While the poor remain poor. The middle class suffers, yet so much money is gone into gambling, and no one can track it. This is either doing well or no good. The debate is still on. Where is the money? Why are such activities still in order? 


Is it good in a country where the government doesn’t care to bother, so we look after our own and try our lucks? Or is it killing because it is dangerous with every step you move forward? Is it possible that you find a way out of it once you gamble? Or is it that it never stops and it either builds you or kills you? What is it? Think about it. Start thinking aloud.