Downloadbereich „International Security in the 21st Century – Germany´s International Responsibility“

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I. Security and International Legal System: Collective and National
Security Policy

Matthias Herdegen: Security in Modern International Law

Ulrich Schlie: World Order – The Future of the State System

Joerg Forbrig: Russia and the West: From Difficult Partner to Adversary

Xuewu Gu: China’s Rise to Major Power Status and its Challenges for the West

Jackson Janes: Principle, Policy, and Purpose – The Balance of Values and Interests

Christoph Raab: Germany’s Security Role in the 21stCentury

Karl-Heinz Kamp: The Power of Institutions: NATO, the EU, and OSCE

II. Global Challenges

Wolfgang Ischinger: The Ukraine Crisis and the European Security Order

Harald Müller: Security Policy Today

August Hanning: The War on Terror

Oliver Gnad: Is Germany Capable of Strategic Planning? Anticipatory Governance as the Foundation for Future-Proof Decisions

Stefan Heumann: Security in Cyberspace:  the Limits of Nation-State centric Approaches to Security in Global Networks

Matthew Smith / Matthew Green: A Discussion of Surveillance Backdoors: Effectiveness, Collateral Damage, and Ethics

Jakob Rhyner: Environmental Risks and Human Security in the Context of Global Change

Friedbert Pflüger:  Europe’s Natural Gas Sector and the Quest for Energy Security –
Geopolitics, Current Developments, and Implications for the Broader Security Debate

Lena Guesnet: Conflict Resources and Human Security

Christian Schmidt: Food Security as a Contribution to Security Policy

Stephan Klingebiel / Annamarie Bindenagel Šehović: Making Global Health Governance Work: Recommendations for How to Respond to Global Health Post-Ebola 

III. Implications for Germany

Herfried Münkler: Germany’s International Responsibility

Norbert Röttgen: Strategic Challenges for Germany’s Foreign Policy

Hans-Dieter Heumann: Germany’s Responsibility for International Security

Karl Kaiser: Responsibility for Transatlantic Security

Joachim Krause: What Are the Tasks Facing the German Defense Policy?

Christoph Schwegmann: The White Paper 2016 – Defining Germany’s new Role

Stefan Mair: Economic Interests in Germany’s Security Policy

Tilman Mayer: Demographics as a Security Challenge

Maximilian Terhalle / Bastian Giegerich: The Munich Consensus and the Purpose of German Power

IV. Conclusion

James Bindenagel: Security Policy Responsibilities and Strategic Studies in the 21st Century